Farah Sharghi

Farah Sharghi is a technical recruiter and former Director based in San Francisco, who has worked as a recruiter at Google, Lyft, Uber, TikTok & The New York Times. On her TikTok, Instagram & YouTube channel, she offers career and personal growth advice.

Favorite pizza topping: Mushrooms

Guilty pleasure TikTok account: Margarita Nazarenko

Biggest career tip: businesses are in the business of making money and if you want to be hired by those companies you need to demonstrate through every part of the hiring process that you will help them make money.

Mike Peditto

Mike is a recruiter and hiring consultant who has built a reputation for his realistic approach go hiring and job search advice. Mike is not your career bestie who will tell you what you need to hear, but more like your sitcom dad who wants you to learn and always cares even when you think he doesn't.

Favorite Pizza Topping: Banana Peppers

Favorite Guilty Pleasure TikTok account: LukeFoods

Biggest Career tip: Most people just aren't paying that much attention to you, stop operating like you are under a microscope if you aren't.

Daniel Space

Daniel started his HR Career after realizing that a degree in classical saxophone performance was not going to be a great way to earn income and grow a career. After getting his masters in HR he became a Sr Business Partner for Electronic Arts and a Lead Business Partner for Spotify. He decided to exit the corporate world upon enjoying the freedom that comes with consulting and making a small name for himself on social media by providing direct, helpful and comical advice on how corporate America works through his account "DanFromHR"

Favorite Pizza Topping: Pizza is perfect, it does not need toppings.

Guilty Pleasure TikTok: A three way tie between the ASMR themed scrapbooker, The "BS we see on TikTok" account and the "Crazy Christian Movie Reviews"

Best Career Tip: Understand how it all works and remove emotion from it. Understand that there is science, consistency and repeated themes and use that knowledge to your advantage.